Our Products

At Just Baked SLO, I hold our products to the highest standards. I use real butter that is rBST free, cane sugar, and pure extracts. My cookie mix-ins are made in-house or by local companies that exemplify Just Baked SLO's high standards of quality. I source chocolate and cocoa products from Mama Ganache Artisan Chocolates in downtown San Luis Obispo, and the Guittard Chocolate Company. I have chosen these companies because of their dedication to top quality products, Fair Trade, and sustainability.

Since many of Just Baked SLO's products are delivered to customers pre-packaged, and they contain no artificial preservatives, I am constantly keeping an eye out for new packaging to ensure the product you receive is exactly how it is intended to be enjoyed - fresh, delicious, and carrying the sentiment of "just baked" just for you. Enjoy!

Annie Farrell
Chief Baking Officer