World Peace Cookies

Well, this world definitely needs some PEACE, right? So I know that I was supposed to start this on the 1st Monday of August, but I have been dang busy. I took Jewels {daughter} and her friend Bella to LA to go school shopping, complete with the trendy hotel stay at The Freehand LA and a visit to Bottega Louie! The girls are ready for middle school and I am ready for another vacation. HA. 

So today I jumped into World Peace Cookies {Baking: From My Home to Yours, Dorie Greenspan}  which are {according to Annie, who I swear, knows everything about everything!!} super famous cookies. These are not Dories' original recipe, she adapted them from another pastry chef. I found that I had most of the ingredients in my kitchen and was able to make them quite quickly. 

{HOLD ON} I am being interrupted from the husband who has now said all of these things:

Well, this isn't very good. 

It's like you are missing an ingredient. 

Are they Gluten Free? 

Let me try one from a different area... 

I'm just spoiled (laughing) the ones at the bakery are just so &%$#@ good. 


Ok... So, not a winner for him, but I thought that they were really quite good and they were fairly easy to make. BTW, he has now eaten three of the cookies that he does not like. He says, "the third one is the best". So there you have it folks, you need to eat three cookies to achieve the ultimate cookie. 


You have to roll them into logs prior to chilling and cutting-- I wish that I had thought this out better because the logs were not perfect and when I cut them they didn't come out as neatly as I would have liked. When I bake them at the bakery I will be doubling the size of 1/2" to 1" and will be more careful with the ends. Also, make sure that the knife you use is super sharp and don't feel bad if they crumble. I still doubt that mine will look a whole lot better tomorrow but the trial run was decent. Also, they totally do not look done at 12 minutes but they are and they firm up pretty quickly. 

And now... the husband says, "why don't you put nuts in anything?" "I am following a recipe" "well why don't any of your recipes have nuts?" ugh. 

Ok friends, there you have it! I hope that you run off and bake something and come back to tell me all about it! XOXO

Bake The World A Better Place


You Only Live Once...Lick the Bowl

Hello friends, family & clients! Today on our Facebook page I announced LIVE that I basically am a horrible baker. GASP! What did she say? That's right-- I am awful. I double butter accidentally {Paula Deen would be proud, right?}, I start to double a recipe but only double half the ingredients- this list could go on and on. I can bake & decorate cakes and cupcakes all day long, but throw in cookies and pies and you will watch me sweat, cry and say bad words. Sure, I have learned everything in our Just Baked recipe book, but I want to add some new and exciting things. 

My challenge for myself is to start from the beginning, just as I did with cake decorating. In case you haven't read my full story, a short snippet is... single mom, couldn't afford the cake my son wanted, made it myself, posted to Facebook, made a lot of cakes for other people, kept posting on Facebook, got fairly decent, started a business, bought a bakery and here we are. I am 100% self taught and ready to actually LEARN to bake more than just cake. I will be trying a new recipe every Monday from the book: Baking, From my home to yours by Dorie Greenspan. If you are not familiar with the author, she also wrote Baking With Julia-- which inspired a movie, Julie & Julia. Go watch it. It's awesome. 

My challenge for you my friends is to find yourself a cookbook and pick a recipe. It doesn't have to be baking, maybe you are trying to shake up your dinner routine? Involve your kids. Involve me! I would love to see your successes and can't wait to share mine and my failures which there will inevitably be.