You Only Live Once...Lick the Bowl

Hello friends, family & clients! Today on our Facebook page I announced LIVE that I basically am a horrible baker. GASP! What did she say? That's right-- I am awful. I double butter accidentally {Paula Deen would be proud, right?}, I start to double a recipe but only double half the ingredients- this list could go on and on. I can bake & decorate cakes and cupcakes all day long, but throw in cookies and pies and you will watch me sweat, cry and say bad words. Sure, I have learned everything in our Just Baked recipe book, but I want to add some new and exciting things. 

My challenge for myself is to start from the beginning, just as I did with cake decorating. In case you haven't read my full story, a short snippet is... single mom, couldn't afford the cake my son wanted, made it myself, posted to Facebook, made a lot of cakes for other people, kept posting on Facebook, got fairly decent, started a business, bought a bakery and here we are. I am 100% self taught and ready to actually LEARN to bake more than just cake. I will be trying a new recipe every Monday from the book: Baking, From my home to yours by Dorie Greenspan. If you are not familiar with the author, she also wrote Baking With Julia-- which inspired a movie, Julie & Julia. Go watch it. It's awesome. 

My challenge for you my friends is to find yourself a cookbook and pick a recipe. It doesn't have to be baking, maybe you are trying to shake up your dinner routine? Involve your kids. Involve me! I would love to see your successes and can't wait to share mine and my failures which there will inevitably be.