SLO Life Expo

April 25 - April 27, (see below)
Madonna Meadows, SLO

Friday, April 25: Noon - 5pm
Saturday, April 26: 11am - 6pm
Sunday, April 27: 7am - 2pm

From the organizers: "After your race is over, when you have completed that 26.2/13.1 mile journey, it’s time to enjoy what we locals call 'The SLO Life.' It has all to do with people, places and things that evoke a state of mind. It’s relaxed, there’s no need to rush. You’ve earned this. It’s having a local brewed beer or glass of wine with friends after your race, savoring fantastic gourmet food prepared with fresh local produce, listening to lively music, all while enjoying a beautiful California day. It’s a stroll through a Farmer’s Market, sampling food and appreciating the works of local artisans. It’s a friendly face, a welcoming hospitality and new acquaintances. It’s a vista, wildflowers and a sunset over the majestic San Luis Obispo Morros. It’s all this and so much more… and it all begins when your race ends at the The SLO Life Expo."

Paso Robles Wine Festival

May 18, 11:00am
Zenaida Cellars

Join us for Sunday brunch at Zenaida Cellars! We'll be bringing our locally-famous beignets with a variety of delicious dipping sauces for you to enjoy. Get 'em while they're hot!